My new pattern: Caracole

Here is my new tangle pattern Caracole and my first tile with it. 

Enjoy and happy tangling!



  1. I love this tangle!
    Thank you for sharing Lily😊

  2. Beautiful tangle patteern! So versatile and basically simple. Is there a name for the circular pattern with the printemps looking center that you used in your tile?

    1. Thank you Kris! If you thinking the upper part of second tile that is the Boucle by Cherryl Moote. If you thinking the center of my new pattern Caracole, its just a spiral line like Printemps.Its part of my Caracole.

  3. I love Caracole Lily! I look forward to giving it a play! Thank you for mentioning Boucle... i was wondering if that was a tangle or one of your enhancements/embellishments.

  4. I just love CARACOLE! It's simplicity looks, makes it just float, but there are so many options. Your work is unbelievably exquisite. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Looks like a fabulous pattern, Lily, will give it a go tonight! Thanks for sharing it😊


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