Diva's challenge and my weekly tiles

For Laura's Weekly Challenge #218: "White on Black on Found"

Traditional B&W:

For Adele Bruno's last weekly challenge:

...and another B&W tile:


Diva's Challenge and weekly tiles

For Weekly Challenge #217: "Duo Tangle - DEX vs BUNZO.... THIRTYFIVE!!"

Happy Birthday Laura! :)

My other weekly tiles:

Traditional black and white tile focusing on Cubine:



Diva's challenge and Weekly tiles.

For  Diva's Weekly Challenge #216: "UMT - Brella by Bunny Wright, CZT":

A few weekly tiles:

Another Koi fish - this time in black and white.:


17. and 18. Weekly tiles

Diva Danced Verdigogh:

Traditional tile:

For Adele Bruno's weekly challenge, for Queen's Birthday:

Spring on Renaissance tile:

And another traditional tile:

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