39. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #237: "Guest Post - Charlotte Carpentier, CZT" :

Used leaves for "string" :

And the basic with spattered " string " :

For Adele Bruno's last weekly challenge:

A tangled Seahorse ZIA on 10 x 15 cm white Artistico paper:

Just a touch of bronze - my personal challenge: ABC tiles - now just with letter"O" :

Renaissance tile with Papermint:

And finally: focus on Zenith for the Square One: Purely Zentangle®,  FB group :


38. Weekly tiles

First of all for Diva's Weekly Challenge #236: "Tangle Unexpected" :



Other weekly tiles and projects:

The plan was implemented:

Acrylic wall painting on my best friend's kitchen. This was my housewarming gift for her:

My new Zendala:

For Adele Bruno's IAST 110:

Classic Black and White:

One of my "Midnigt tangle":

Opus before and after shading:

Another Black and White:

And finally a really colorful ZIA on renaissance tile:


37. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #235: "String Theory: Stripes":

Just one other tile in this week - card with aquarelle pencils and Micron pens:


36. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #234: UMT - CanT by Chris Titus, CZT:

Other weekly tiles:
Half of Abundies and Pearls:

Two tiles for Adele Bruno's weeklí challenges:
For IAST 108:

And for IAST 109:

Wall paint plan to my best friend's kitchen:

And a little practice with acrylic paint on the wall of my room:

and finally: Inapod for Square One group:


35. weekly challenges and tiles

A renaissance tile For Diva's Weekly Challenge #233: "New Official Tangle - Zenith":

My other weekly tiles:

Lot of black parts on white tile:

Some red pearls:

and for Square One group -  Sydney, Opera House

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