38. Weekly tiles

First of all for Diva's Weekly Challenge #236: "Tangle Unexpected" :



Other weekly tiles and projects:

The plan was implemented:

Acrylic wall painting on my best friend's kitchen. This was my housewarming gift for her:

My new Zendala:

For Adele Bruno's IAST 110:

Classic Black and White:

One of my "Midnigt tangle":

Opus before and after shading:

Another Black and White:

And finally a really colorful ZIA on renaissance tile:


  1. Thank you so much for sharing - I love them all, but was blown away by the Zendala and the "midnight special"!

  2. Lily, your art is soooooo lovely, so extraordinary, so ARTFUL!!! I enjoy every piece you post. I offer all my students the link to your blog. :) Thank you, again, for sharing your creations with us. Every one inspires me to grow in my continuing exploration of Zentangle and ZIA.
    ~ Jan Brandt, CZT XII, Reno, Nevada, USA

  3. Marvellous, you have been busy. That last ZIA at the end is so colourful and what a clever idea for your Diva project. It looks lovely.

  4. Super, super selection here, Lily - I am so envious of your friend! I love your use of colour and your black and white tiles are always unique - I know people are inspired by your work but no one else does it quite like you!! Fantastic to see unshaded Opus next to the shaded version - what a difference.

    Thank you !

  5. Great idea for the diva challenge :-) The other tiles are very nice too.

  6. All are so special - I can't decide which one I love more - so glad you share them.

  7. STUNNING work as always Lily :-) I am just in awe of what you do. That soap dispenser is adorable :-)

  8. Everything you do is outstanding! I love the border on your classic black and white tile ~it looks like something I could actually do;-) Thanks for sharing all of your amazing work. You are an inspiration!

  9. That Zendala is soooooo beautiful! I would have loved to add that one in my Zendala book. You do such wonderful work!

  10. Lovely pieces again this week. I love how you showed the importance of shading with Opus. What a difference!

  11. Every one of these is awesome … beautiful work!

  12. Love the soap dispenser. I'll have to tangle mine now.

  13. Wow! All are just stunning! What a fun soap container to have sitting out and looking pretty!

  14. Lily - So many beautiful tiles. Thanks for sharing

  15. Everything is beautiful!! :0)

  16. These are al so lovely! Your soap bottle is really beautiful! I hope the design will not wash off, because it is so incredible! Your Opus before and after shading is an education all in itself! What power the shading has! What I REALLY love is what you did with Jalousie in your "Midnight" tile! I love how your mind works! And, of course, your Abundies black and white is the most graceful and lovely one I've seen. I better stop now, or this post will crash the website! Love everything you did here!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Antonine :)

  17. Love this soap dispenser!! And of course the rest too.

  18. that last one reminds me of Thanksgiving, and Autumn, feasting, beautiful dresses. Absolutely lush!

  19. So many stunning and absolute lovely tiles ! Each of them has something special... I can`t find the right words for all of them.
    I LOVE the red "flowers" for your friend`s kitchen. This is my favourite in this post. And the first one (unexpected): The tangle makes this little soap bottle special and unique and it looks expensive like luxury now!
    And all the other tiles are perfect - like everytime. Thank you for sharing.

  20. You had a really productive week! I like what you did to your soap dispenser. I was starting to think about tangling an object before I found my music paper and went with that for the Diva's challenge. Your zendala and that last Renaissance tile are amazing.

  21. Lily, how cool for your Unexpected Tangle!! What a great gift for your friend!! I love the midnight one and I think the last one is amazing!! ! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy


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