43. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #241: Guest post "Stones and Ceremony"
and my 28. daily tile for InkTober challenge:

And now my other weekly InkTober tiles:

Day 22 and for Adele Bruno's weekly IAST challenge tile:

Day 23:

Huggins challenge for Square One: Purely Zentangle® FB group on Day 24:

Renaissance Bijou tile with my Zinger-tangleation on Day 25:

Black and White Zendala on Day 26:

Challenge from " Tangle It! Journal" book on Day 27:


42. Weekly tiles.

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #240: Birthday Leaves!

Happy Birthday Artoo! :)

( And this is my InkTober 21. day tile too. )

My other InkTober tiles:

Day 16:

Day 17:

(For Square One: Purely Zentangle® FB group's Nymph challenge too)

Day 18.
And for Adele Bruno's "It's a String Thing" weekly challenge:

Day 19:

( From Tangle It! Journal book )

Day 20:

( From Tangle It! Journal book )

And finally another tile for Square One: Purely Zentangle® FB groop - focused on Pokeroot:


41. weekly tiles and a Book review

First of all here is my response for Diva's Weekly Challenge #239: "Munchin Play"
and at the same time this monotangle tile is my entry to InkTober day 15.

I got a new book:

Alice, Simona, and Ina met through Facebook. It soon crystallized that all 3 have a lot in common: the love for drawing, blogging, chatting, and CATS! Combining their talents produced Volume 1 of Tangle It! Journal.

I was sent a copy for an honest review.
The book is well organized, and it's creative and fun to look at. The size is very good or a purse or bag. There are 150 pages filled to the brim with ideas and possibilities. Included are strings, 20 beautiful never-before seen tangles, examples and is filled with great ideas and tips. There's a lot of partially started or prestrung tiles so you can practice tangles. You can create your own tiles or zendalas for example.
This book is inspirational with easy to follow patterns ideas . Perfect for tanglers of all levels . Step-by-step demonstrations help you get started and provide guidance on how to use those tangles. My granddaughter looked through the book and asked if she could give it a try.  :)  Fun for all ages, adds fun and creativity . In my opinion this book would make a good present for anyone. I recommend this book.  You won't be disappointed.


And now my other weekly tiles:

For Adele Bruno's last weekly IAST challenge and at the same time is InkTober day 08:

My other InkTober tiles:

Day 07:

Day 09:

Day 10:

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:
( Before and after shading )

Day 14:


40. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #238: "UMT - Tri-bee by Beate Winkler, CZT":
This tile my response for InkTober challenge 6th day too.

My other InkTober tiles:
Day 01 and for Adele Bruno's last weekly IAST challenge:

Day 02:

 Day 03:

Day 04:

Day 05 and for Square One: Purely Zentangle® group's Jalousie challenge:

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