Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #260: "Monotangle: Shattuck" on watercolor prewash tile:

For Adele Bruno's weekly IAST challenge ( I won this tile the " Best of Show" weekly title ) :

Same tile but in daylight:

Focus on Akoya for SOPZ Facebook group:

Another Akoya focused tile:

And finally another tile for my personal challenge "ABC-tiles". Here is the "Just I" - with Inapod, Intersection, Ixorus, Indy-Rella and Ionic border.


  1. All are so beautiful and inspiring.
    Love the colors in the first and second.
    And what a difference in night or daylight photographie.
    Nice that you show the difference.

  2. I love the rainbow Shattuck 😊

  3. I love the rainbow Shattuck tile. What striking and beautiful colours!

  4. Gorgeous work! Your colorful Shattuck is stunning. Congrats on the IAST honors. I love that piece, especially the way you did W2.

  5. I love your shining Shattuck! Happy Easter

  6. J'adore toutes vos tuiles sont superbes. Merci de votre partage. Je débute dans le zen table et vous faites partie de mes référence. Bonne journée à vous tous depuis la France. Ou le matin ce lève et une belle journée s'annonce.ce matin repas ménage après-midi.apprentissage de zentable J adore.amitiés à vous tous

  7. The way your compose your tiles is so well developed. Usually, tiles that are so full just wind up looking cluttered. Not yours though. Your work reminds me of Maria's!

  8. That watercolor wash is so vibrant! The colors managed to play well together without making mud :)


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