Weekly tiles

First of all: new header on my blog and I hope you like it. :)

And now:

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #258: "UMT Rautyflex - by Kathrin Bendel CZT"

Blue Purk:

Classic Black and White:

Renaissance tile for relaxation:

Another tile for my personal challenge "ABC-tiles". Here is the "Just H" - with Henna Drum, Hi-Cs, Huggins, Hamail, Hepmee and Hypnotic:

Colorful tile with aquarelle prewash:

And finally - focus on Yuma for SOPZ Facebook group:


  1. All your tiles are so beautyful. I love your "Just H" and your diva tile. And your new header is just amazing. It shows the whole diversity of your art.
    Greetings Tina

  2. Beautiful work, Lily. I always love how tastefully you add color to your pieces as well.

  3. As always, I am full of admiration.

  4. Lily!!! Such a prolific, talented and inspiring artist! There are few I follow regularly online, and you are one of them. Your new blog header is STUNNING. What a feast of color and design! Your creativity and originality delight me every time I see your work. Thank you so much for continuing to share your pieces online. They always make me want to head to my studio ... :)

  5. Fantastic tiles - like every week! Your tiles are so perfect, so well composed... Your Rautyflex is great, in combination with lovely other tangles.
    And I love especially the blue Purk tile.

  6. All gorgeous work! I especially love the color washed tile and the very creative take on Featherfall.

  7. All beautiful! I love the open lines in teh Diva tile

  8. Seven dazzling pieces of Zentangle art!

  9. Nice work lily. I would need a magnify to do this kind of detail.

  10. All your tiles are beautiful and we see this week after week with your work.

  11. Again fantastic tiles, dear Lily! Great artwork!


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