My new pattern: Andromeda

Here is my new pattern: Andromeda. I hope you like it.

Here are the stepouts and variations:

( If this pattern has been presented elsewhere, or if the name has been used already, please let me know! )

And here is my first quickly tile with my Andromeda:


  1. What a nice little pattern! Easy to learn and easy to remember!

  2. Very pretty- thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. REALLY nice! Also, what is the name of the lovely pattern in the lower left corner of your completed tile? Do you have instructions for that as well?

    1. Thanks Winnie. That pattern is the "Well".

  5. Thanks Lily, very nice pattern.

  6. Thanks Lily, I love your patterns and your art.

  7. I'm still more of a wanna-be tangler but this looks like something I could do. More than that, it looks like something I'd WANT to do! It's beautiful and flowing and...

    ...Well, I decided it was silly to not even TRY it so I stopped typing and grabbed a Post-It just to see if it WAS all that I thought it would be...and I can tell you for certain that IT IS AS EASY AS I THOUGHT! I'm newly inspired to draw! Thank you, Lily! <3

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