Weekly tiles

Here are my tiles from last 12 days:

For Weekly Challenge #273: "Tangle Remix"

The final result:

Before and after tiles:

Zendala just for relaxation:

For Adele Bruno's 

Another aquarell prewashed tile just for relaxation:

Focus on Merryweather at Square One: Purely Zentangle® Facebook group:

Another tile with the Merryweather:


  1. When there are 1000 tiles exposed, I can pick up yours immediately: such a beautiful personal style, that is fantastic, thanks for sharing with us. My favorite tile of this week is the prewashed one, just for relaxation: love those brilliant colours!

  2. Yes, Lily, I agree with Ria! Your style is so unique and so amazingly beautiful!! If it were available to me ... I would be so thrilled to meet you and learn from watching you create your most exquisite art. :D

  3. Beautiful work as always!

  4. Week after week I am in awe of your talent...and I have yet to tell you so. I wish I could be your student...you continue to amaze and inspire beginners like myself! Thank you❤️

  5. The colourful pieces really pop, Lily. Beautiful! Cheryl

  6. I agree with Ria, your work is always beautiful and very "you". I absolutely love the prewashed one too. Gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous work as usual Lily! I have to say that your zendala is particularly outstanding. I love the combination of the linear pattern with the orbs (can't remember the name of that one) and organic Inapod within the leaf shape. I would never in a million years think to do that. The color combination is striking as well. Lovely!

  8. I love the first Merryweather one. Your colours are so beautiful and soft. Lovely work.

  9. Your tiles are great! Those prewashed -Whow! Maybe the one I like the most is the zendala!

  10. All I can say is that I agree with everyone's comments here. Your style is so distinctive and is one of the reasons that I got interested in Zentangle. I find I learn a lot by studying your work. Your remix tile for the challenge is beautiful and as always is finished so beautifully!


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