Tiles between September 2 and 16

Here are my tiles from the last two weeks:

Cross with gems.
Inspired by Kae Yoshino.

For Adele Bruno's IAST 162:

This was my response for Adele Bruno's IAST 157 - A Very Happy Third Birthday challenge. 
I send her this card with my tile via mail. 
You could not see it on her blog that week, because I did not send it by email for the challenge therefore It must be a complete surprise to her. ;) 
She's got it, so now I show you too.

With my best wishes:

For IAST 160:

Three tiles for Square One: Purely Zentangle® Facebook group:

Focus on Beeline:

Focus on Crezendo:

Focus on Fife:

And finally a little bit experimentation: Alcohol ink and white gellyroll pen on back of 16 x 10 cm photo paper

Inspired by Jenna Black.


Tiles from last 15 days

For Iast 158.
Adele have chosen my Drogon for her weekly challenge - I'm honored -
and this is my response for it:

Two tiles for Square One: Purely Zentangle® Facebook group:

Focus on A-Dalfa:

...and focus on Viaduct:

Finally 3 tiles just for relaxation:

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