Gratitude and thank.

The support of zentangle community means a lot to me. 
You all gave me strength. 
I could pick up my pen again after more than a month because of you. 💞
I want to express my gratitude to everyone with this tile. 
Thank you everyone all of your support with your magically beautiful tiles and your lovely words. 
It a privilege to be part of such a caring community. 
 You all are incredibly kind...
God bless everyone... 💞


  1. Lily, It is so good to see your lovely tangle work once again.
    Life can throw some pretty rough stuff our way but you have found the strength to rise above it all.
    I send best wishes to you & great hope that your path will become smoother.

  2. Thank you Lily for this precious wonderful tile and your kind words. I am deeply touched of this gesture and I send you courage and strength from Belgium.

  3. Thank you for your beautiful heart - the one you drew and the one that beats inside of you. I've learned so much from you! Your drawings always inspire me. I love the simplicity of the black and white here.

  4. I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers daily, dear Lily. xo

  5. Dearest Lily, Blessings to you and your family at this heartbreaking time. I can't imagine what you're going through, losing your daughter, but I have lost everyone in my family older than me. At the age of 41, I became the matriarch. So, I understand pain and loss, and my heart is with you.


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