Some new tiles

Here are all of my not published tiles ( here on the blog ) from past 3 months.

 Thank you everyone for your patience and all of your support  in these difficult times.
God bless everyone!

This tile by my talented 13 years old granddaughter:


  1. Wow. I'm blown away by your work. And I agree - your granddaughter is talented!

  2. Thank you Lily, for showing us those beautiful tiles.I wish you nice moments,while tangling together with your talented granddaughter.

  3. Your tangles have such depth! I love them. Thank you so much for sharing them.
    Tell you granddaughter that I said Thank you for sharing hers as well.
    Peace & Blessings!

  4. I know I'm always going to be delighted when I see your post. This is no exception - my favorites being the first one and the "broken heart". Thank you for sharing with us, Lily!

  5. Ok now we KNOW talent is hereditary, your granddaughters tile is amazing! Thank you for sharing your other tiles with us they inspire me :)

  6. Such beautiful work; very inspiring. I am so impressed with your granddaughters tile she is definitely going to be as talented as her grandma. Grandkids are amazing. I do have a question about the tile that has the "broken heart" if you don't mind measking...are you using a white pen or marker and if so would you please tell me what kind? Thank you.

    1. Thank you Cindy. I use white gellyroll pen on my tiles.


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