New tiles with Crazy 'NZeppel

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #334: "Crazy 'nzeppel with Molly"
( presented on my crazy 'NZeppel blanket 💙) :

3Z tile with Printemps and Echo-S:

Weekly focus in Square One: Purely Zentangle® group: African Artist:

Colored tile with two of my pattern: Agni and Cloudfall:

Fleavy focused tile for S1 FB group:

Another Weekly focus in Square One: Purely Zentangle® group: Pixioze:

Another Pixioze focused tile:

First try at Tranzending on 3,5" zendala:


  1. Wonderful 'N Zeppel on a wonderful blanket!
    To see your beautiful work is always a delight for me.I love your colored work but your black/white are gorgeous too!

  2. Wow, Lily, you were quite busy this week! I love all of them.

    1. Thank you Anne. Are not really much tiles because there were made in last 17 days.

  3. Love your coloured 'Nzeppel. All your tiles are beautiful. Well done

  4. There is just everything always right and perfect with your tiles. The depth, the sparkle, the tangle combinations, the colors - even when only black and white, the backgrounds of your tiles, and last but by now means least your design and drawing ability. You are a tangler par excellence, Lily!

  5. So many beautiful things to look at. Each one is so carefully composed. I always enjoy looking at your creations!

  6. It is always a delight seeing your tiles Lily!

  7. Hi Lily, I stumbled across your zentangles whilst browsing the web for inspiration. Just wanted to let you know that I really like your style - both in b/w and color. They look so... may I say perfectly-balanced? Don't know how to express it. I just like it :-)
    I am (zen)tangling and doodling myself more frequently (since my kids urged me to "draw along with them on their pics) again and I can't say how thankful I am they did. It's become just an important part of my relaxing "tools" (I also play music, read a lot, or do handicrafts) and I wouldn't wanna miss it.
    Warm regards, Martina

  8. Your brilliant colors are a delight! But I also love the black and white tiles with their fabulous shading!


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