Monthly tiles

Thank you everyone for your patience and all of your support! ❤️️🙏
I had a difficult month but 
here are my tiles from the last month:

For IAST 213:



Weekly focus in Square One: Purely Zentangle® group: Double Marasu...

.... Striping with a twist.....

....and Membranart:

Traditional black and white with my Phoenix:

 Traditional black and white tile....

...and digital coloring:


  1. Lily, I'm always so delighted to receive notification that you've posted another batch of your gorgeous tiles! I often save my visit to your blog until I have free time to truly appreciate and study your amazing art. Your tangling is so delicate and precise, full of harmony and richness in design. Seeing what you've drawn always inspires me to explore more possibilities in my own tangling! In this batch, I particularly favor the grace and contrast in your first tile. Thank you for sharing all this beauty!!

  2. It's so nice to see you again, Lily! Once again, your work is stunning. I particularly love the IAST tile. The colors are so soft and warm

  3. I love all of them! The "SquareOne..." and "Striping with a Twist" really caught my eye. Thank you for sharing.
    You are a great Tangler and a gifted artist.

  4. Wow Lily...
    It's alvast a joy to visit Your blog.
    Amazing work!

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