13.Weekly tiles.

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #358: UMT - Pickpocket by Tomas Padros":

Traditional tile with Pickpocket:

"Easter tile":

For IAST 236:

Another tile with watercolor prewash:

Focus on Gourdeous :

Renaissance relax:

This is my "Purked" version of Gourdeous :


  1. You've really mastered Pickpocket. All your work is beautiful and very impressive if you did all these quality pieces in one week.

  2. Wow. Everything on your site is awesome. I love how you handled pickpocket. That one is a beast to me.

  3. Your brightly coloured tiles are really fun and yet I am drawn to the more traditional ones this week. You've really nailed Pickpocket and I love the way you did a bigger version on the first tile. I genuinely admire your work. You have a personal style that I would imitate if I could.

  4. Such lovely work, all of it! The way you did Pickpocket is so fun!

  5. You always surprise me with wonderful tiles.
    I love every one of them!

  6. All of your work is amazing 😍


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