19. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #364: "Remake of a classic":

My first tile from August of 2014 and I drew it for an other Diva's challenge (#180).

Here are both then and now - next to each other:

Two tiles for "Focus on NIK":

My winner tile on IAST243.
Zenbutton, inspired by Marguerite Samama:


17. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #362: "UMT: Somnee by Laura Harms, CZT":

To Cris Strovilas Letourneau:

For IAST#241:

My first try with tangle pattern Snelly:

Mandala on white tile:

Tangle pattern Dark Drop on Bijou tile:


16. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #361: "Amanda Day - Earth day YEAR 7!!":

I used the back of a coffee capsule box :

For IAST 240:

Two another tile with my new pattern - Caracole:

You can find a " relaxation with tangling" video on my YouTube channel with first part of this tile:

Zendala on 3,5" renaissance tile:

Try at Sonya Yencer's new pattern - Soulstar:

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