16. Weekly tiles

For Diva's Weekly Challenge #361: "Amanda Day - Earth day YEAR 7!!":

I used the back of a coffee capsule box :

For IAST 240:

Two another tile with my new pattern - Caracole:

You can find a " relaxation with tangling" video on my YouTube channel with first part of this tile:

Zendala on 3,5" renaissance tile:

Try at Sonya Yencer's new pattern - Soulstar:


  1. Your tiles are all so beautiful. I love your new Caracole pattern.

  2. I enjoyed the video! It's great learning from you. Thank you for your inspiration and commitment.

  3. Wonderful Amanda Day tile! I love seeing all your Caracole variations! My favourite tiles are the last two! I absolutely love the mandala one.

  4. These are all beauties, Lily! I love Caracole. Thanks so much for sharing it;-)

  5. Thank you for sharing the video! And your caracole is amazing!The Amanda-day piece is just wonderful!

  6. Love all the tiles! Your pattern Caracole is awesome!


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